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Aliens vs Predator 3

Rating: 4 of 5 (19 votes)

5 Stars

awsome and bloody
2012-07-13 16:11:48

i have and it,s awsome and bloody a bunch of trophy kills and i easily able to perrfer the predator! i recomend it for the xbox 360.

5 Stars

2012-07-02 14:36:50

This is a predator glitch. first you need a combat android and the smart disk. next equip the smart disk and cut of the androids head with it. and while he has no head and is getting up quickly go behind him and stealth kill him. the result is the android will spew red blood instead of white blood. I don't know if this works with both xbox or pc but it works for ps3 definitely

5 Stars

2012-06-01 00:01:11

Aliens vs. Predator 3 is totally awesome. This game's predecessors had horrible graphics and were not as interesting to me, but AVP3 towers over them with graphics and storylines. The Multiplayer is pretty good, especially with unlockable skins, but I think the blocking technique is for the little kids that somehow get on AVP that can't fight. The sounds, however, could be improved as well. You'll generate the most annoyance towards blocking while playing as a Xenomorph against Marines. Maybe they can block strikes, but being able to knock them back is completely ridiculous. The Xenomorphs and Yautja are certainly the two best species. Overall, I would highly recommend the game and I give it a four out of five.

5 Stars

2012-05-16 17:41:02

just about the best game EVER, i am a hardcore xenomorph enthusiast and loved the campaign. The MP is not too shabby, but as of late, it is hard to find a good game :( . I HAVE played as a human before, (no worries still like xeno) and i think that they should have the flare in MP. Also, the xenomorph'ic vision is great! (i especially love the "aurora" around the enemies)

+10 from me!


ps DrDiabloSatan, the option to "auto wall transist" is in the options menu ;)

4 Stars

AVP is awesome
2012-04-11 08:06:25

This game was awesome I loved the predator campaign, the alien campaign reminded me of Grid and the human campaign was kind of scary, The predator campaign was cool and loved the trophy kills but they could have put more vision modes and it would be cool if the smart disc was a shuriken, the alien campaign has a good storyline and the kills really emphasize the alien's inner mouth, the marine storyline was great and I loved the rookie and how he cares for Tequila, The pulse rifle kicks ass, but the flashlight is useless and the the crosshair is quite faint, they probably made the flashlight useless to probably give you the feeling they felt in the movies but overall this was a very good game and I hope they make another one like this and I like the campaigns in this order, 1=predator, 2=Alien, 3=predator

1 Stars

i give it a 8 out of 10
2012-04-10 08:36:35

i own the game and the game itself OWNS

5 Stars

2012-02-28 08:20:42

i dislike ranked so much it takes ages for me to lvl up im only lvl 6 and i have had for 1 year

0 Stars

hour long ranked match
2012-02-28 08:13:58

i waited for 7 hours for ranked match so i could unlock more skins by the time enough players were on they left 5 seconds after a match because i kept kiling them

3 Stars

survivor 1 player
2012-01-21 18:57:24

as for campain mode loved the gore and whatever, but 1 player survivor was totaly annoying why??? because of these resons

-no flares
-its dark everywhere
-mausoleum is limited to space

but other than that i was fine with the entire game. congrats on rebellion and sega along with 20 century fox

4 Stars

Aliens versus predator 2010 vs aliens versus predator 2
2011-06-16 18:59:00

This game was the most detailed of all of the aliens versus predator games. However, it lacks the things that made it's predecessors great. I was hoping to be able to use the facehugger as a character is the alien campaign. Beyond that i cannot complain.

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