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Aliens vs Predator 2

Developer: Monolith Prod
Publisher: FOX Interactive
Year: 2001
Platform: Windows

Three legendary warriors. Two terrifying games. One adrenaline overdose... Return to the hunt with this specially-priced blockbuster collection, including:

Aliens vs Predator 2

Hailed as 2001's "Action Game of the Year" and "Multiplayer Game of the Year" by Computer Gaming World, AVP2 weaves together the face of three species with heart-stopping action of the blockbuster films on which it is based.

Aliens vs Predator 2 : Primal Hunt

This expansion to the award-winning AVP2 takes you back to never-before-seen Predator ruins on a hunt to find a mysterious artifact that holds legendary power. Get acquainted with new breeds of vile creatures on a mission to stop you dead in your tracks.

Rating: 4.58065 of 5 (31 votes)


2012-05-17 08:14:27

this is real good game i have buy this game tudey i found this^-^
this is even better than avp 3 & 1 one of mine faforied games. sorry for bat english i cant speek it goed :(

5 Stars

great game
2012-02-28 08:16:14

i played it on computer it was very enjoyable deserves 5/5

4 Stars

AvP Review
2010-05-14 16:13:13

By far, an excellent shooter, there were flaws yes, (like the predators limitless medicomp) but it was very VERY well done. I am a personal fan of the predator but I kept finding myself playing as the Aliens over and over again, the life cycle being completed in the campaign and the fact that all the storys intertwine was amazeing (in lack of a better word). However I will admit this isent a game for everyone and in light of the constant patches obtaining online play is difficult, and keeping the campaign afterwords is seemingly impossible, but lets face it the games considered to be "old" the fact that you CAN get online on it is still pretty good

my only AVP related quetion pretaining to the RPG forums, in the game you get a sniper rifle but thats not a listed marien weapon

4 Stars

Alien vs predator 2
Want avp2 back
2010-05-04 10:58:27

Hello,, Why did they shut down the servers ?? Now its almost nobody who play avp2 cause the servers on multiplayer shuted down.-.- Start it again ! .. AVp3 is okay but its to wierd ..

3 Stars

This is awesome!!!
2010-04-25 12:38:00

I love the game it was so awesome!!!

And scary in the marine campaign

I love the predator killing all the aliens

5 Stars

2010-03-02 09:33:19

I must say, this is the biggest classic of all horror games, I don't think even F.E.A.R can beat it.

The alien campaign was the first i played. I felt such power, I thought OMG THIS IS THE COOLEST ALIEN EVER. But not only the skills of the alien impressed me, but the story as well.

The predator campaign was at first rock hard. Stalking all those scientists and stuff, epic, but then it got... a bit boring. A bit the same all the time.

The human campaign, the last destination, all that i was just playing against the humans, all those stalkings, scarying the humans to death, it turned against me. Epic...

Il give it 4/5 because of the predator campaign, in overall, it rocks

4 Stars

Question How DO You get out of the stomach on ALIEN campaign?
2010-01-31 13:02:40

Question How DO You get out of the stomach on ALIEN campaign In the second part of BIRTH?

5 Stars

Damn good game, i hope AVP3 can stand up to it.
Niall Fray
2009-12-15 06:57:40

I got AVP1, AVP2 and AVP Extinction.

And ill be honist, i only get them to play as the Marines (USCM)
But, thats were AVP2 amazes me. I actualy got my Playing as the Aliens and the Preds.

Its that good. I can play as anygroup. And the controles wont F*ck me over, and the graphics (although i dont rate a game of graphics)
Are outstanding! The netplay is worth fixing by downloading AVP2 Saviour.

Its an outstanding game, the best AVP game ive ever played. If the films were done like the games, they would have been amazing!

I only hope, that with 2010 & the realce of AVP3 and Colonial Marines that they do half as good as AVP2.

5 Stars

AVP2 and AVP2:primal hunt
2009-12-07 14:08:30

wait is alien vs predator 2 and alien vs predator 2 :primal hunt two diffrent games or is primal hunt an add on for alien vs predator 2.

and what is the diffrence between alien vs predator 2 and alien vs predator 2 gold edition.

5 Stars

2009-12-01 02:13:30

I just download the game three week's ago and I love the game to death just wish i could join a Fing mutltiplayer match or at lest someone join anyway love the game this should be on the ps3 or 360.

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