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Hunter's Planet (Aliens Vs. Predator, Book 2)

The best time of Machiko Naguchi's life came in the wake of the Ryushi colony massacre. It was then that she abandoned her human heritage and ran with the Predators as a dedicated Hunter. But it was only two years before she returned to live with humanity and work for the Chigusa Corporation.

Livermore Evenston is an ambitious developer who has built the ultimate hunter's paradise: a world just beyond the reach of human regulations, populated by ferocious genetically engineered animals. But Evanston didn't plan on being patronized by the galaxy's most ruthless Predators--or the Aliens they brought along as prey. As his human customers fall victim to the unscheduled hunt, Evanston realizes that the Predators must be curbed, and there's only one woman for the job. But there's even more to this world than meets the eye, and Machiko Naguchi may only have one way out: to take complete control of the deadliest planet in known space!

Rating: 4.33333 of 5 (3 votes)

3 Stars

Hunters Planet Review
2009-08-28 01:14:11

The second installation in the Alien vs Predator book series. Involving Machiko Noguchi former colonist turned ultimate hunter. We take a back seat ride as Machiko and her trusty android battle it out with aliens, predators, and humans oh my! Machiko recollects her brief time with the predator hunters giving us a bit of incite in their brutal culture and hunting traditions. Introduced to us are biomechanical aliens controlled by a sadistic business man who strives on turning his very own planet into a hunter‘s paradise. However promising the story sounds so far, the biomechanical aliens controlled by humans of course, turn an already weak story into something seen in a 25 cent comic. The only redeeming quality found in this book is the details given to us about the predator culture. However I tend to disagree with what the author tried to make them appear as overconfident fools. All in all I’d have to say the book, even with all the defects is still worth paying. I believe, I paid 6 dollars for it, well it is worth the price and above all is does keep the reader entertained.

First Glance:
1 out of 5

Second Look:
3 out of 5

5 Stars

Great Book
Yaro G.
2007-09-13 22:41:59

A very good book, interesting story-line. Kept me entertained all the way through.

5 Stars

good book
chris parker
2007-05-21 08:34:55

althought the book is well written, there is a slight continuity problem in it dealing with a certain preditor that shows up in another of the AvP book. but other then that small fact. it is a wonderful book for AvP fans. 10 out of 10


This book is really well written
Colby Sargis
2007-05-13 10:42:14

This book is really well written. I would give it a 9.4 out of 10!

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